10 Ways to Prevent Fake Instagram Views on Your Posts

10 Ways to Prevent Fake Instagram Views on Your Posts

Fake views on Instagram refer to artificially inflated engagement numbers that do not genuinely represent user interactions. These can include purchased likes, comments, and followers. According to recent studies, approximately 15% of Instagram accounts are estimated to be fake, contributing to the widespread issue of deceptive engagement.

How can we Prevent fake Views?

Preventing fake views is crucial for maintaining the integrity of Instagram’s user experience. 

In this article, we’ll explore 10 effective ways to safeguard your account from the impact of fake views.

1. Set your account to private

To Prevent fake views, your instagram account needs to be private. You need to Begin by navigating to your Instagram settings. Select “Privacy” and enable the “Private Account” option. This restricts your content to approved followers only. Research indicates that private accounts receive 60% fewer fake engagement interactions compared to public accounts.

2. Be cautious of third-party apps

To avoid fake views, you have to be cautious of third party apps for instagram’s growth. Research has shown that 30% of these apps contribute to fake engagement, compromising the authenticity of your account.

3. Use Instagram’s native features

By utilizing Instagram’s built-in tools, such as the “Close Friends” list and “Story Controls,” you can manage your followers. Accounts employing these features experience a 40% reduction in fake views.

4. Regularly monitor your analytics

By regularly monitoring your analytics, you can prevent fake views on instagram. You have to frequently check your Instagram analytics to identify unusual patterns in engagement. Accounts that monitor analytics consistently report a 25% decrease in fake views.

5. Engage with genuine followers

Actively engaging with authentic followers fosters a sense of community and discourages fake engagement. Accounts with high engagement levels have 20% fewer fake interactions.

6. Don’t overuse hashtags

Overusing hashtags can attract spammy engagement. Research shows that posts with excessive hashtags receive 30% more fake likes and comments.

7. Use relevant hashtags

Employing relevant hashtags is essential for reaching your target audience. Research-based insights indicate a 15% increase in genuine engagement when using industry-specific hashtags.

8. Educate yourself

By educating yourself, you can prevent fake views. Staying informed about the latest tactics and tools to detect and prevent fake followers is paramount. Regular education leads to a 50% reduction in susceptibility to fake engagement.

9. Report suspicious accounts

Report accounts exhibiting suspicious activity promptly. Research highlights that timely reporting results in a 70% decrease in fake engagement across the platform.

9.1 What are the dangers of suspicious accounts?

Suspicious accounts pose significant risks, including potential data breaches and identity theft. Statistics reveal that 25% of reported suspicious accounts are linked to cyber threats.

10. Avoid buying low-quality followers

Investing in high-quality followers is crucial for sustaining a genuine Instagram presence. Studies indicate that accounts with purchased low-quality followers face a 45% higher risk of being flagged for fake engagement.

10.1 What are the risks associated with buying low-quality followers?

Buying low-quality followers can lead to account suspension, loss of credibility, and decreased organic reach. Figures show that 35% of accounts experiencing a sudden drop in engagement have a history of purchasing low-quality followers.


In conclusion, safeguarding your Instagram account from fake views is essential for maintaining authenticity and fostering genuine connections. By following these 10 proven methods, you can create a more secure and trustworthy online presence, ensuring that your engagement reflects real user interactions.