10 Tips to Increase Likes on Instagram Posts in 2024

10 Tips to Increase Likes on Instagram Posts

An Instagram post is visual or multimedia content shared by users on the platform. It plays a crucial role in conveying messages, experiences, and stories to a wide audience through images, videos, or a combination of both. There are over 2.4 billion active users on Instagram who post regularly with the goal of receiving likes and comments.

To maximize likes on Instagram posts, you need to consider these 10 effective tips:

1. Boost Your Post: 8 Steps to Supercharge Your Instagram Posts

Supercharging your post on Instagram involves implementing strategies to make it more appealing and engaging, ultimately attracting more likes.

Here’s how it works in 8 steps:

  1. Eye-Catching Visuals: According to a study, posts with high-quality visuals receive 2.3 times more engagement.
  2. Compelling Captions: Posts with captions receive, on average, 56% more engagement.
  3. Engaging Content: Posts with higher engagement rates receive more likes, as shown in studies.
  4. Use of Instagram Features: Diversifying your content can attract different audience segments. Instagram reels, for example, have seen a 50% increase in views.
  5. Consistent Branding: Profiles with consistent branding receive 23% more likes.
  6. Timing and Frequency: Posts made during peak times receive 34% more engagement.
  7. Interactivity: Instagram stories with interactive elements see a 20% higher completion rate.
  8. Collaborations and shoutouts: Influencer collaborations result in an average engagement increase of 60%.

By incorporating these elements, you create a post that not only stands out but also encourages users to express their appreciation through likes.

2. Quality Matters: Elevating Your Content for More Instagram Likes

Elevating content quality is essential for increasing likes on Instagram. Quality posts naturally draw more attention, and experts advise users to opt for well-edited, high-quality content. When selecting photos for Instagram, factors like image quality, size, and choosing a fitting filter are crucial to capturing the audience’s interest ﹘ Mrinsta Biz.

According to Social Baker, posts with images on Instagram receive 23% more engagement than those without. Additionally, research indicates that 60% of the leading US brands use filters on their Instagram photos.

3. Give a Strategic Boost to Your Post: Leverage Instagram’s Promotional Features

Leverage Instagram’s promotional features strategically to amplify your post’s visibility and extend your reach to a broader audience. The primary objective when boosting an Instagram post is to enhance the exposure of your content to a larger audience.

For instance, data from Flick’s report underscores the effectiveness of Instagram promotions, revealing a 4.83% click-through rate for promoted posts.

 4. Attracting Instagram likes with Instagram Stories

Using Instagram stories for promotion affects the likes on the post as the post reaches a wider audience. American brands allocate a substantial 31% of their advertising budget to Instagram Stories, showcasing the platform’s effectiveness. Notably, research highlights that 61% of users support small businesses through their stories.

5. Expand Your Reach: Boosting Likes Through Strategic Tagging

Tagging relevant users, brands, or influencers increases the visibility of your post to their followers, potentially leading to more likes from a broader audience. According to a recent study, posts with tagged users receive 56% more engagement on average.

6. Make an Impression: The Impact of Pinning on Instagram Likes

Pinning your post to your profile increases the chances of receiving more likes over time as it remains prominently displayed. Research indicates that pinned posts receive, on average, 47% more likes than non-pinned posts, showcasing the lasting impact of a prominently featured post.

7. Consistency always works: The Link Between Posting and Increased Likes

Consistent posting is significant for increasing Instagram likes. Brands that post 1-2 times a day experience a 56% higher engagement rate, emphasizing the importance of regular content updates﹘ Mrinsta Biz.

8. Incorporate Hashtags: Increasing Discoverability and Likes

Using the most hashtags increases discoverability. Posts that contain at least 1 hashtag get 29% more interactions on average than accounts that have less than 1,000 total followers. Posts that contain more than 11 hashtags have the highest interactions, with a 79.5% increase for accounts with less than 1,000 followers. (Mathew Woodward, 2023)

9. Increase Your Reach: Elevating Likes Through Influencer Collaboration

Collaborating with other creators can increase your follower count. Research shows that collaboration can increase the figure from 25% to 50% and sometimes even more. Sharing the content with one another promotes the content to a wider audience. So, the user gets more likes and comments.

9.1: Do most influencers buy likes on Instagram?

No, reputable influencers focus on authentic engagement. Studies show that over 60% of influencers prioritize organic growth and authenticity﹘ Mrinsta Biz.

9.2: Why do brands and influencers buy likes?

In some cases, brands and influencers may consider buying likes to appear more popular, but it’s a risky practice. Authentic engagement is crucial for sustained success.

10. Buy Instagram likes: Instantly Increasing the Number of likes on Posts

Buying likes on Instagram to give your post an initial boost is considerable. This strategy can contribute to increased visibility and engagement. Many influencers and celebrities buy likes to make their posts one of the most liked on Instagram.

10.1 Does buying likes actually work?

Yes, buying likes can provide a quick initial boost, but long-term success requires genuine engagement and quality content.

10.2: Is paying for likes for your profile worth it?

Yes, Buying Instagram likes for your profile is worth the cost. It instantly boosts the number of likes on your posts. There is no other way to increase its reach as quickly as it does.


To conclude, it’s beneficial to use promotional features and purchasing likes to boost the number of likes on content. Instagram users are encouraged to post images that are of higher quality and properly edited. It is recommended to use hashtags and tagging features, as well as the feature of pinning the posts, to enhance the reach and attract more Instagram likes.