15 Instagram Story Statistics that you need to know in 2024

15 Instagram Story Statistics that you need to know in 2024

Instagram Stories, a dynamic feature for sharing ephemeral content, has become a pivotal avenue for businesses seeking to engage their target audience. With approximately 90% of global businesses establishing a presence on Instagram, Stories have evolved into a visual powerhouse for brand promotion and user interaction.

1. Over 900 Million Users Post Instagram Stories every day

A remarkable 86.6% of Instagram users actively contribute to Stories each day, reflecting the feature’s widespread adoption. Over 900 million users engage with this feature daily, with brands playing a significant role by creating one-third of the total Stories on Instagram.

2. 61% of Users Utilise Instagram Stories for Social Discovery

Instagram Stories are leveraged by 61% of users to discover their friends’ activities, providing an engaging platform for authentic content consumption within a 24-hour timeframe.

3. 50% of Global Brands Create at Least One Instagram Story Monthly

Globally, 50% of brands craft at least one Instagram Story per month, showcasing a substantial 70% retention rate. The ad revenue from Instagram Stories is projected to reach an impressive $20.03 billion in 2023, making a substantial contribution to the platform’s overall revenue.

4. Instagram’s most viewed stories are based on Sports

Stories featuring sports boast an outstanding 90% completion rate, while entertainment-related Stories witnessed an 88% growth rate in 2020. The 18-24 age group constitutes the largest audience for Instagram’s advertising efforts.

5. Upto 20 people can be mentioned in a Instagram Story

Users can strategically mention up to 20 people in each photo or video shared on their Instagram Stories, facilitating broad interaction and content collaboration.

6. 1-7 Stories Per Day for Enhanced Engagement

Research suggests that posting 1-7 Stories per day enhances engagement, with Instagram recommending two Stories daily for optimal growth. An engagement rate between 1% and 6% is considered average to high.

7. 70% of Instagram Stories Viewed with Sound On

Approximately 70% of Instagram Stories are viewed with sound on, underscoring the importance of audio in content consumption and providing a multi-sensory experience.

8. Around 50% of Influencer marketing Rely on Instagram stories

Almost 50% of influencer marketing relies on Instagram Stories, positioning it as a pivotal platform for influencers to connect with their audience. Businesses, with 36% actively using Instagram Stories, recognize its potential for marketing and audience engagement.

10. Over 500 Million Users Actively Engage with Instagram Stories

Over 500 million people globally actively use Instagram Stories every day, solidifying its status as one of the most widely embraced features on the platform.

11. Stories Ads Projected to Surpass $20 Billion in 2023

Stories ads are projected to surpass an impressive $20 billion in 2023, constituting nearly 26.7% of the platform’s ad revenue.

12. 50% Businesses create at least Instagram story at least once a month

Around 50% of businesses on Instagram worldwide actively create at least one Story during a typical month, showcasing the broad involvement of brands in utilising this feature.

13. 96% of US Marketers Utilise Instagram Story Ads

A resounding 96% of surveyed US marketers express their strategic intent to continue using Stories ads in the next six months, emphasising its enduring appeal for marketing strategies.

14. Top 25% Most Active Brands Publish About 17 Times a Month

The top 25% most active brands consistently publish Stories approximately 17 times a month, almost every other day, maintaining a frequent and engaging brand narrative.

15. 40% of Story Activity Comprises Single Frames

 About 40% of Story activity comprises days with only one frame, emphasising the preference for concise and engaging content that captures viewer attention effectively.


Instagram Stories continue to dominate as a dynamic and influential feature, witnessing widespread adoption by users and businesses alike. From daily usage trends to its impact on brand promotion, influencer marketing, and extensive audience interaction, Instagram Stories stand out as a multifaceted tool shaping the social media landscape in 2023.