Top 23 Most-Viewed Instagram Reels (2024)

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The Most Viewed Reels refer to the Number of times the Users have watched a IG video. It shows how often the video has been partially or fully viewed. The most-watched content on Instagram is Reels in 2024.

Let’s go through the 23 most viewed Reels one by one:

23 Top Most Viewed Reels on Instagram (IG Videos)

1. Riswan’s Reel Performs A Trick in Football (551M Views)

Muhammad Riswan, known as @riswan_freestyle on Instagram, has reached a remarkable milestone with his most viewed reel. This 5-second video features Riswan performing a freestyle soccer trick by kicking a soccer ball against the backdrop of a waterfall garnered 551M Views on Instagram, posted on 18th of November 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

Muhammad Riswan under the handle @riswan_freestyle has set a monumental record on Instagram with his thrilling freestyle football reel. His mastery of freestyle football techniques are evident in the fluidity and precision of his kicks against the dramatic natural scenery, which immediately engages the audience and showcases his talent in a visually striking way.

It garnered 9,299,667 likes on Instagram. The Timing and Presentation of Riswan’s reel likely played a vital role in its viral spread. Released at a time of high interest in freestyle football and outdoor adventure content, the video reached a global audience with fascinating sporting performances in breathtaking locations. This strategic alignment with current trends boosted the video’s visibility and contributed to the rapid growth of its viewership.

2. Behind the Scenes of BTS Army By Samsung Mobile (315M Views)

Samsung Mobile’s “Epic Worlds” is an amazing film project shot exclusively with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Starring BTS Army garnered 315+M Views on Instagram, posted on the 7th of April 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

This video was filmed exclusively with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, this initiative represents a significant advance in smartphone video recording capabilities. It successfully garnered 1,011,930 likes on Instagram.

Collaboration has played a crucial role in promoting the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The popularity of ‘Epic Worlds’, reflected in its Billion-plus views, underlines the growing global demand for visually impressive and technically advanced content.

By pushing the boundaries of mobile content creation, Samsung is not only demonstrating its technological prowess but also setting a new standard for what can be achieved with smartphone cameras.

3. Khaby Lame’s I Love This Kid (272M+ Views)

Khaby Lame waves at an arrogant kid who doesn’t smile but rather shows him his middle finger. This video has garnered 272 Million views on Instagram, posted on 24th of February 2022.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr. Insta’s Analysis

In the popular Instagram reel from 2022, Khaby Lame finds himself in a fun encounter at a traffic light. He is sitting in his car and cheerfully waving at the child on the bike in front of him. However, the child’s disinterested and blank expression takes an unexpected turn, leaving Lame completely surprised.

This video became one of the most watched on Instagram, receiving millions of views and more than 20 Million likes. Its appeal lies in Lame’s hilarious reaction and the relatability factor that resonates with anyone caught off guard by a child’s unexpected reaction.

4. Shivanjali Porje’s Distinctive Charm (260M+ Views)

Blink & Express by Shivanjali Porje is a video of a young sensation known for her contagious smile and edgy charm. It garnered 260+M Views on Instagram, Posted on the 15th of June, 2021.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

Shivanjali Porje, a young sensation known for her contagious smile and edgy charm, emerged as a formidable force on Instagram in 2022 with ‘Blink & Express with over 260 million views. Despite her young age, Shivanjali captivated the audience with her ability to convey emotions through subtle expressions.

The reel tapped into the ongoing Instagram trend where Shivanjali effortlessly made her way into the hearts of the audience, culminating in a perfect note that resonated widely. Adding to the appeal of the video was Shivanjali’s beaming smile, which left a lasting impression on the platform, garnering nearly 12 Million likes.

5. Lorik’s Epic Roller Skating Adventure (250M+ Views)

Lorikbun is taking Instagram by storm with “Mobiles Homeoffice” and has amassed over 250 million views, posted on 18th of January 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr. Insta’s Analysis

In this captivating video, Lorik transports viewers to a fascinating snowy mountain setting that offers a refreshing escape from everyday life. The video not only showcases Lorik’s creative storytelling and filmmaking skills but also resonates deeply with viewers seeking moments of calm and natural beauty.

It has garnered 10,098,896 likes on Instagram. Lorik’s ability to combine adventure, natural beauty, and visual storytelling has cemented its position as one of the most influential content creators on Instagram, constantly inspiring and delighting audiences around the world.

6. Khaby Lame Mimics the Downfall (213M+ Views)

Khaby Lame mimics the downfall of someone with eggs that garnered 213M Views on Instagram.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

In this video, he humorously mocks a person who, in an attempt to save a falling egg, ends up breaking all the other eggs on a tray held in his other hand.
In his reaction video, Khaby ingeniously demonstrates how to save a rolling egg and not break the others.

His clever approach combined with his signature humor has captivated viewers and earned him a staggering 219 Million views. This Reel is a testament to Khaby Lame’s ability to turn everyday misery into ridiculously entertaining content.

7. Khaby Lame’s Practical Octopus Game Strategy (210M Views)

Khaby Lame continues to dominate Instagram with his video titled “My Game My Rules” amassing over 210 million views, posted on 1st of November 2021. Khaby takes on one of the challenges from the popular Squid Game series in a hilarious yet insightful way. 

Why it Went Viral?: Mr. Insta’s Analysis

In this reel, the influential comedian suggests a clever alternative to the show’s risky glass floor challenge. Rather than risk a dangerous fall by stepping on fragile glass panels, Khaby shows how players can safely maneuver along the edge of the panels.

His solution not only adds a comedic touch but also offers a practical strategy that could potentially save lives in a fictional game scenario. This video has received 18,132,708 likes on Instagram.

With millions of views, Khaby Lame once again proves his ability to entertain and engage audiences with his unique blend of comedy and practical insights, cementing his place as one of Instagram’s top influencers.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Cris, Watch and Learn” Football Video (209M Views)

Cristiano Ronaldo, a global soccer icon, has shared a video titled “Cris Watch and Learn” where he showcases his skills and offers tips for aspiring soccer players. This video has attained about 209M Views on Instagram, Posted on the 11th of January 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

Ronaldo’s videos demonstrating his soccer techniques and training routines appeal to soccer enthusiasts and budding athletes alike. His Watch and Learn Video has received 11,670,841 likes on Instagram.

His immense popularity ensures that any content related to his athletic ability garners widespread attention and engagement. The video inspires admiration and motivation among fans who look up to Ronaldo as a role model in sports and dedication.

9. Khaby Lame’s Self-Defense Failure (197M+ Views)

Khaby Lame’s viral video titled “Yes, Sure” has racked up over 197 million views, Posted on 20th of December 2021. In this comedic masterpiece, Khaby tackles the classic scenario where self-defense tutorials promise to save the day, but reality proves otherwise.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr. Insta’s Analysis

The video begins with a serious instructor showing you how to confidently and accurately disarm an attacker holding you at gunpoint. This video has received 13,850,697 likes on Instagram. His portrayal of the contrast between expectation and reality not only entertains but also offers a sarcastic commentary on the impracticality of some viral trends. With millions of views, this video is a testament to Khaby Lame’s comedic genius and his talent for capturing the absurdities of everyday life in a refreshingly humorous way.

10. Khaby Lame’s Glass Trick Takedown (187M+ Views)

Khaby Lame’s viral video titled “Man, please use this type of glass and show tricks” has accumulated more than 187 million views, posted on the 5th of December 2021.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr. Insta’s Analysis

In this video, Khaby humorously deconstructs the absurdity of the popular glass trick and reveals its supposed usefulness with his signature wit. It provides a refreshing reality check amidst the madness of viral trends due to which it achieved 12,010974 likes on Instagram.

The appeal of the video lies in Khaby’s ability to deliver pointed commentary while maintaining a light-hearted approach, culminating in priceless expressions that add to the comedic impact. By questioning the authenticity of such trends, Khaby not only entertains but also encourages viewers to reconsider the validity of viral content spreading on social media platforms.

11. Messi’s Partnership with Budweiser (186M Views)

Lionel Messi collaborated with Budweiser, possibly for a campaign that highlighted shared values ​​or community initiatives, garnered 186M Views on Instagram, Posted on 20th of December 2022.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

Messi’s involvement in partnerships with brands like Budweiser often emphasizes social responsibility and community involvement, which resonates with an audience that appreciates athletes supporting meaningful causes. It has attained 20,010,946 likes on Instagram.

Messi’s global appeal ensures that partnerships with major brands such as Budweiser will reach a diverse audience around the world, maximizing engagement and visibility.

Messi’s genuine commitment to the causes he supports increases the credibility and impact of the partnership and fosters positive associations with the brand.

12. Lionel Messi MasterCard Ad (174M Views)

Lionel Messi, another soccer legend, starred in a MasterCard ad that garnered 174M Views on Instagram, Posted on the 10th of June 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

Messi’s endorsement by a major brand such as MasterCard amplifies the reach and appeal of the ad, capitalizing on his global fame and influence.

The Collaboration with Messi reinforces MasterCard’s brand image and capitalizes on Messi’s reputation for excellence and credibility. This video has successfully achieved 1,317,428 likes on Instagram.

Ads featuring Messi often have high production value and compelling storytelling, which increases viewer engagement and retention.

13. Billie Eilish’s Underwater Video “Ready” (158M Views)

Billie Eilish has released a visually stunning video for her song “Ready,” featuring underwater scenes that complement the mood and lyrics of the song. It garnered 158M Views on Instagram, Posted on the 8th of April 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

The underwater visuals grabbed attention and highlighted Eilish’s artistic expression and creativity. It has attained 8,882,750 Likes within a few months. Her music videos are often interwoven with strong visual narratives, enhancing the overall experience for viewers. Eilish’s fan base eagerly anticipates her artist releases, contributing to high video engagement and viewership.

14. One word-Happiness (144M Views)

“One Word – Happiness” is a heartwarming and visually captivating Instagram reel that features a woman feeding fish in a colored pool. It garnered 144 million views on Instagram, posted on 20th of August 2021.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

The reel’s appeal lies in its ability to evoke genuine emotions of happiness and positivity. The woman’s evident pleasure in interacting with the fish, combined with the vivid hues of the aquatic environment, creates a visually stimulating and emotionally uplifting experience for viewers. This video has garnered 9,017,761 likes on Instagram.

This combination of visual charm and heartfelt content resonates deeply with audiences, transcending language barriers and touching the hearts of viewers around the world. The content is natural, and it involves music which often results in the engagement of such videos.

15. Khaby Lame’s video “Why bad boys do the most” (135M Views)

Khaby Lame posted a video titled “Why Bad Boys Do It Most” that garnered 135M Views, Posted on 28th of May 2023. In this video, he humorously demonstrates simple solutions to complex tasks that others might overcomplicate.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

Khaby Lame’s comedic approach resonates with a wide audience. His videos often feature everyday scenarios handled straightforwardly and practically, which many find entertaining and relatable.

His video has successfully garnered 7,984,530 likes on Instagram with Millions of Views. The simplicity and universal themes in his videos transcend language and cultural barriers, making them highly shareable.

Khaby Lame’s style has become his signature, attracting more followers on Instagram.

16. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portuguese contribution with a girl in a wheelchair (127M Views)

Cristiano Ronaldo, known worldwide for his football skills, has shared a touching moment captured during a national team event in Portugal that received 127M Views on Instagram, Posted on 12th of June 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

This Post highlighted support for individuals with disabilities in line with wider societal values ​​of empathy and respect. This positive representation garnered 7,535,170 likes on Instagram. Ronaldo’s international fan base ensured that the post reached a diverse audience, united by admiration for his sporting achievements and acts of compassion.

Ronaldo’s act of kindness and empathy touched people around the world, leading to widespread sharing and engagement. The genuine nature of the moment portrayed Ronaldo authentically and enhanced the emotional impact of the post.

17. Aussie Gal’s Musical Video (120M Views)

“You Make My Heart Sing” by My Aussie Gal is a music video that has garnered over 120 Million views on the popular video-sharing platform, posted on the 14th of April 2021.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

The videography of this video is up to the mark. Its popularity is attributed to its tunes, relatable lyrics about love and happiness, and the overall feel-good atmosphere it creates. It has attracted 8,874542 likes on Instagram.

Additionally, the artist’s charisma and connection with viewers through the video have contributed significantly to its virality. The song instantly grabs viewers’ attention and encourages sharing due to its feel-good vibes. The Filters and Presets make this video beautiful and captivating.

18. Khaby Lame’s Open The Door This Way Video (117M Views)

“LOL! Open the door this way” is a Video by Khaby Lame in which he humorously depicts a guy squeezing through a window and a girl trying to open a door with a trapped foot, garnering a whopping 117 million views, posted on 9th of June 2021.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

With his usual wit, Khaby effortlessly demonstrates the correct way to open a door with a simple hand gesture. The reel’s appeal lies in its relatability, comedic timing & Khaby Lame’s unique style, which earned him a staggering 10.2 million likes. It shows Khaby’s ability to connect with audiences through his witty and simple content.

19. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Soccer Score Reel (113M Views)

Cristiano Ronaldo has shared a compilation of his best football goals and scoring moments throughout his career that garnered 113M Views on Instagram, posted on 9th of December 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

Compilation videos of Ronaldo’s iconic goals and achievements attract football fans around the world and celebrate his exceptional talent and career milestones. This video has got 7,163,086 Likes on Instagram.

Ronaldo’s scoring ability and athleticism inspire admiration and enthusiasm among his fans, contributing to high video engagement.

Highlighting Ronaldo’s career brings nostalgia for memorable moments and reinforces his status as one of football’s greatest players.

20. Taylor Swift’s “Torture Poets Department” music video trailer (104M Views)

Taylor Swift, the globally acclaimed singer-songwriter, has released a music video for her song “Torture Poets Department” that attained 104M Views on Instagram, posted on 19th of April 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

Taylor Swift has a devoted fan base that promotes her work. The release of the music video generates excitement and engagement among her followers. It has got 4,951,164 likes on Instagram with Millions of Views within a few months.

Swift’s music videos often feature complex narratives and visual aesthetics, appealing to her fans as well as a wider audience. Swift’s team uses effective promotional strategies to maximize visibility and engagement across platforms, contributing to high video engagement.

21. Leo Messi’s Football Training Video (93.8M Views)

Leo Messi’s Instagram reel showing his football practice turned into an animated spectacle has captivated a staggering 93.8 million viewers, posted on the 12th of September 2022.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr Insta’s Analysis

This viral success underscores several key factors contributing to its broad appeal. Messi’s unique status as a football icon ensures a sizable global audience eager for insight into his training regime and skills. This video has attained 2,374,679 likes on Instagram. The timing likely played a role, with the post appearing during a period of heightened interest in Messi or soccer-related content.

So, the viral success of Messi’s post can be attributed to a mixture of celebrity influence, creative content presentation, strategic timing, and enduring global fascination.

22. Kim Kardashian’s Holiday Decor (50.9M Views)

Kim Kardashian, known for her extravagant lifestyle, shared images of her decorated home during the holiday season that got 50.9 M Views on Instagram, posted on the 22nd of December 2023.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr. Insta’s Analysis

Kim Kardashian’s massive following and celebrity status ensures that any content she shares gets significant attention. Her posts provide a glimpse into a lifestyle that many find aspirational and attractive.

In this Post, she got 2,047,464 likes and 50.9M Views. Her Holiday decorations were visually appealing and elaborately arranged, attracting the attention of her followers who appreciated luxury and aesthetic beauty. The High-quality images and attention to detail contributed to the post’s appeal.

This timing likely contributed to the posts’ virality because she posted Holiday decor during the holidays. Posting during the holidays increases engagement due to shared experiences and emotions.

23. Billie Eilish’s New Blonde Hairstyle (48.9M Views)

Billie Eilish has posted a video of her new blonde look that has received 48,942,536M views and 11M likes on Instagram and was published on March 17, 2021.

Why it Went Viral?: Mr. Insta’s Analysis

Billie Eilish’s new hairstyle video, published on March 17, 2021, garnered 11 million likes and achieved viral status and widespread recognition for several reasons. First, the artist, known for her unique style and personality, was presented in a transformative and unpredictable light, which caught the attention of Instagram users, specifically her followers. She posted it from the sets while modeling for Vogue’s front cover.

Her collaboration with Vogue also benefited the magazine because of the artist’s popularity and unique appeal, attracting a large and diverse audience eager to see her in a different context.

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Yes! You can increase the number of views on your Instagram posts by posting higher-quality images and Videos with good editing and good music.

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To sum up, the analysis of these posts shows how strategic factors such as timing, content presentation, emotional resonance, and celebrity influence contribute to the viral success of Instagram posts. Each post is published at the right time and is properly edited. In addition, the content includes collaboration with other creators to grow further in terms of views and visibility.