12 Instagram Story Ideas to Grow Likes, Views and Followers

12 Instagram Story Ideas for More Likes, Views and Followers

Instagram Story feature, introduced in 2016, marked a shift in how users engage with visual content on the platform. Offering a temporary glimpse into users’ lives, interests, and creative expressions, Instagram Stories have rapidly evolved into a powerful tool for fostering connection and storytelling. The nature of these stories, lasting only 24 hours, has created a sense of urgency and real-time connection, encouraging users to share candid moments, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and curated highlights.

With features like stickers, polls, and interactive elements, Instagram Stories transcend mere photo-sharing, enabling users to craft immersive narratives. Whether it’s showcasing daily adventures, promoting products, or connecting with followers through engaging polls, Instagram Stories provide a versatile platform for both individuals and businesses to captivate audiences.

Now let’s Dive into 12 Instagram Story Ideas for more likes, views and Followers.

1. Boost Engagement and Followers with Step-by-Step Instagram Story Tutorials

One of the best ways to grow likes, views, and followers on Instagram Stories is by showcasing a step-by-step process. It’s such a fun and engaging idea! You can choose anything you’re passionate about, like sharing a tutorial on how to create a stunning smoky eye look for a special occasion or demonstrating how you edit your latest in-feed photo using Lightroom. By breaking down the process into easy-to-follow steps, you not only provide valuable content to your audience but also establish yourself as an expert in your field.

The great thing about this strategy is that you can save these step-by-step tutorials in your “Highlights” section, creating a regular series that your followers can easily access and reference back to. This way, they can revisit your content whenever they need a refresher or want to try something new. It’s a fantastic way to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more dynamic and informative content. 

2. Boost Engagement and Followers with Stunning Layouts

Using layout apps to package an experience is a fantastic idea for increasing likes, views, and followers on Instagram Stories. It allows you to separate specific content from the rest of your 24-hour Story feed, giving it a more curated and professional look. Whether you’re attending an exciting event or sharing a new product launch, layout apps like InShot, Unfold, and Canva can help you create mini-editorials within your Story feed.

With these apps, you can add borders around your videos, customise header and body text, and create layouts that combine both videos and photos in one cohesive design. This level of creativity and visual appeal captures the attention of your audience and makes your stories stand out. By providing a visually captivating experience, you will attract more likes, views, and followers who are drawn to your unique and beautifully presented content. 

3. Elevate Your Profile with Story Videos

Incorporating video content into Instagram stories can revolutionise and elevate your profile’s overall performance. By embracing video content, you can attract more likes, views, and followers to your Instagram stories. Incorporating engaging videos into your stories is a fantastic way to leverage the 49% higher interaction rates that videos typically receive. Videos have the power to capture attention and keep viewers engaged for longer periods of time, which can ultimately lead to more likes, views, and followers for your profile.

To take your video content to the next level, consider experimenting with interactive elements like polls and questions. These interactive features in video format can significantly boost engagement with your stories. By asking your audience to participate through polls or by answering questions, you encourage them to actively engage with your content. This not only increases the likelihood of receiving more likes and views but also helps you build a stronger connection with your followers. 

4. Craft Captivating Captions

Crafting captivating captions is a powerful way to increase Instagram story views, likes, and followers. By enticing viewers at the beginning of each story with an attention-grabbing caption, you can encourage them to continue watching. A well-crafted caption can pique curiosity, spark interest, or evoke emotions, making viewers more likely to engage with your content and stay engaged throughout the entire story. So, take some time to think about how you can create captivating captions that hook your audience right from the start!

4.1 Use Emojis and Hashtags in your Captions

Another effective strategy to boost your Instagram story performance is to use emojis and relevant hashtags in your captions. Emojis can add a visual element to your captions, making them more eye-catching and engaging. They can also help convey emotions or enhance the overall tone of your story. Additionally, incorporating relevant hashtags can make your stories more discoverable to a wider audience. By using popular or niche hashtags that are relevant to your content, you increase the chances of your stories being seen by people who are interested in the same topics. So, don’t forget to sprinkle some emojis and hashtags in your captions to make them visually appealing and searchable. 

5. Prioritise Visuals for Likes and Followers

Prioritising visuals is key to increasing Instagram story views, followers, and likes. Visual storytelling is a fantastic way to captivate your audience and encourage engagement. By using high-quality images in your stories, you can create a visually appealing narrative that draws viewers in and keeps them hooked. Whether it’s showcasing your travels, sharing glimpses of your daily life, or highlighting your creative work, let your visuals do the talking and watch your engagement soar.

5.1 Maintain a consistent aesthetic

Another important aspect of visual strategy is maintaining a consistent aesthetic. When your stories have a cohesive and recognizable visual style, it helps to establish your brand and make your content more memorable. Consistency in colors, filters, fonts, and overall design elements can contribute to a visually pleasing and cohesive story experience. So, take some time to define your aesthetic and apply it consistently across your stories. This will not only make your content more visually appealing but also help you build a strong and recognizable brand presence on Instagram. 

6. Reel Integration in Story

One effective strategy is to integrate Reels into your stories. By incorporating short, creative videos from Reels into your stories, you can capture attention and increase engagement by up to 15-20%. This combination of visually engaging content and the storytelling format of stories can be a powerful way to captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Another great way to leverage Reels within your stories is by creating a series. Developing a series of Reels that are connected and built upon each other can be a fantastic way to keep viewers coming back for more dynamic and engaging content. Whether it’s a tutorial series, a behind-the-scenes look, or a storytelling series, this approach can create anticipation and encourage viewers to follow along with your story updates. So, consider developing a Reel series within your stories to provide consistent and exciting content that will help you grow your likes, views, and followers. 

7. Build Community Through Active Engagement

 Active engagement is a fantastic way to increase likes, views, and followers on your Instagram stories. One effective strategy is to host Q&A sessions in your stories. By inviting your audience to ask questions and actively engaging with them, you can foster a loyal community and encourage more interaction. This not only helps you build a stronger connection with your followers but also provides valuable content that can attract more views and likes.

7.1 Respond to Your Story Replies

Another important aspect of active engagement is responding to story replies. When your audience takes the time to respond to your stories, make sure to actively respond back. By acknowledging their replies and engaging in conversations, you create a sense of community and make your followers feel heard and valued. This encourages more interaction and can lead to increased likes, views, and followers. 

8. Optimal Posting for Maximum Likes, Views, and Followers

Optimal posting times can definitely help you get more likes, views, and followers on Instagram. One effective strategy is to strategically post stories during specific time frames, such as 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. These times are considered optimal because they align with the peak hours when users are most active on the platform.

By posting your stories during these optimal times, you increase the chances of your content being seen by your audience. More visibility means more engagement, which can result in more likes, views, and ultimately, more followers. 

9. Maximise Profile Visibility by Engagement on Instagram Threads

Maximising profile visibility is key to attracting more likes, views, and followers on your Instagram profile. One effective strategy is to strategically engage in popular Instagram Threads through your stories. By participating in these threads, you can capture the attention of users who share similar interests, increasing the visibility of your profile. This can lead to more people checking out your profile, interacting with your content, and ultimately, becoming followers.

Engaging in Instagram Threads allows you to connect with a wider audience and expose your profile to potential followers who may be interested in your content. It’s a great way to showcase your expertise, share valuable insights, and establish yourself as an active member of the community. 

10. Boost Story Performance with Quality Audio

Using good sound in your Instagram stories significantly boost the performance of your story. According to a study conducted by Instagram, stories with high-quality audio have shown a 25% increase in engagement compared to stories with lower audio quality. This means that by focusing on improving the sound in your stories, you can significantly boost your chances of getting more likes, views, and followers.

Additionally, a survey conducted by Social Media Today found that 60% of Instagram users watch stories with sound on. This highlights the importance of incorporating good sound into your stories to cater to the majority of your audience who prefer to listen to the content. By providing an enjoyable and immersive audio experience, you can capture the attention of your viewers, keep them engaged, and ultimately attract more likes, views, and followers.

11. Mastering Consistent Posting on Instagram Stories

Consistent daily posting on Instagram stories can have a significant impact on your engagement and follower growth. According to a study conducted by Social Media Today, accounts that post stories regularly experience a 20% increase in story views and a 15% increase in likes compared to those who post sporadically. Additionally, the study found that accounts that maintain a consistent posting schedule see a 25% growth in followers over time. So, by staying committed to daily posting, you can truly amplify your reach and build a more engaged community on Instagram. 

12. Buying Instagram Views for an Immediate Boost

Buying Instagram views, likes, and followers can potentially increase the visibility of your Instagram stories. When your stories have a higher view count or a significant number of likes, they may catch the attention of other users who are browsing through the stories. This increased visibility can help you reach a larger audience and potentially attract more organic engagement.

Having a higher number of views, likes, and followers on your Instagram stories can create a sense of social proof. When other users see that your stories have a substantial following, they may perceive your content as more valuable, trustworthy, and worth watching. This can potentially lead to increased engagement from real users who are genuinely interested in your content.


In conclusion, mastering the art of Instagram Stories is about weaving a narrative that resonates with your audience. From consistent daily posting to embracing the immersive world of Instagram Reels, each strategy serves as a brushstroke in the canvas of boosting your profile’s performance. Craft captivating captions that attract viewers, prioritise visuals to create an aesthetic allure, and engage actively with your audience to foster a sense of community. Optimal posting times and strategic engagement in Instagram Threads open doors to expanded visibility, while the integration of quality sound enhances the overall storytelling experience. Lastly, while the option to buy Instagram views might offer an immediate boost, it is the genuine engagement and connection that truly propel your Instagram Stories to new heights. By incorporating these strategies into your storytelling arsenal, you not only increase likes, views, and followers but also cultivate a digital presence that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.