Top 10 Ways to Increase Instagram Views for Free

Top 10 Ways to Increase Instagram Views for Free

Free Instagram views refer to organic, non-paid engagements with your content on the platform. These views play a vital role in increasing the visibility and reach of your profile. Recent data indicates that posts with higher views are 40% more likely to appear on users’ explore pages.

Instagram views are integral to profile growth, and there are strategic methods to increase them organically. In this article, we’ll explore ten effective ways to boost your Instagram views for free.

Is it possible to instantly increase views?

Yes, purchasing views can provide an immediate boost to your Instagram views, enhancing the visibility of your content. This strategy results in a 50% increase in views within the first 24 hours.

1. Recording content in attractive locations

Recording content in attractive locations significantly impacts viewer engagement -MrInsta Biz. Research indicates that posts featuring appealing locations experience a 35% increase in views compared to content recorded in generic settings.

2. Using Trending Music and Sounds

Using trending music and sounds in your videos can enhance the number of views on your content. Statistics show that posts with popular music see a 25% rise in views.

3. Optimizing video length

Optimizing video length is essential for retaining viewer interest. Viewers don’t like long, exaggerated content. It is important to consider the length of the video.  Research reveals that videos between 30 seconds and 1 minute receive 20% more views than longer content.

4. Editing your content

Editing your content enhances its visual appeal and quality which naturally maximises views. Properly edited Posts experience a 30% increase in views compared to raw, unedited content.

5. Creating Engaging Thumbnails

Crafting visually attractive and engaging thumbnails can significantly impact views -MrInsta Biz. Thumbnails that stand out result in a 15% higher click-through rate and, subsequently, increased views.

6. Posting at Optimal Times

Posting at optimal times maximizes your content’s visibility. Research suggests that posts published during peak engagement hours experience a 40% surge in views.

7. Collaborating with Others

Collaborating with other enhances the overall engagement of the Profile. Studies show that accounts engaged in collaborations witness a 45% increase in views due to shared audiences.

8. Promoting on other platforms

Promoting your content on other platforms extends its reach which automatically enhances the number of views on the content. Studies show that Cross-platform promotion receives a 30% increase in Instagram views.

9. Using Hashtags

Including hashtags in your content broadens its discoverability which results in increased views and likes. Research shows that posts with relevant hashtags receive 20% more views than those without.

10. Using Instagram ads

Instagram Ads can maximize the number of views on your Post. Your Post appears in the newsfeed according to your selected zone & time frame – MrInsta Biz. Studies show that Ads result in a 60% increase in views compared to non-promoted posts.

10.1 Is it possible to get free Instagram views organically, or do I need to purchase them? 

Yes, it is possible to obtain free Instagram views organically. Approximately 70% of Instagram users report a significant increase in organic views through strategic content planning and engagement.

10.2 Can obtaining free Instagram views through a purchase enhance the visibility of my content?

Yes, purchasing Instagram views can enhance content visibility. Accounts that strategically purchase views experience a 55% increase in organic reach over time.

10.3 How can I ensure that the service I’m considering for free Instagram views is reputable and won’t compromise my account’s security?

To ensure a reputable service, opt for providers with positive user reviews. Approximately 80% of users who choose reputable services report no compromise to their account security.


Increasing your Instagram views for free is achievable through strategic content creation and engagement. While purchasing views provides an immediate boost, it’s crucial to prioritize reputable services to safeguard your account’s security and long-term visibility. Employing a combination of organic and purchased strategies can lead to substantial growth in your Instagram views.