12 Instagram Reels Stats you need to know in 2024

12 Instagram Reels Stats you need to know

Reels are about 15–90 second long videos you post to Instagram – according to Hootsuite. You can edit these videos much like you do with posts, using filters, adding stickers, music and mentioning others. Notably, 97.92% users monthly dive into Instagram Reels that shows the engagement level of videos on Instagram.

With Instagram showcasing Reels on its Explore page, even non-followers have a higher chance of encountering your content. The concise and compelling nature of short-form videos fosters increased interactions, from likes to comments.

According to HubSpot’s 2023, Instagram engagement report, the best time to post Reels on Instagram is between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., as during these hours, the global audience is relatively active and engages more with digital content. 

Now lets dive into 12 Instagram Reels Stats that everyone needs to know in 2024.

1. 91% of Instagram Users Watch Videos Weekly

Almost all active users on Instagram, a whopping 91%, engage with video content on the platform each week. This statistic underlines the prevalence and significance of videos within the Instagram user experience.

2. 97% Users Dive into Reels

About 97.92% users monthly dive into Instagram Reels. The Reels feature sees interaction from a staggering 2.4 billion users every month, aligning with Instagram’s total Monthly Active Users. Projections hint at this number reaching 2.5 billion by the end of 2024, emphasising the global appeal and adoption of Reels.

3. Everyday, 41% Users Reshare Reels via Direct Messages (DMs)

The virality of Instagram Reels is evident as users reshare Reels an astounding 1 billion times daily through direct messages (DMs). This organic sharing behavior serves as a potent tool for brands to enhance visibility and expand their reach through user-driven content dissemination.

4. Reels Contribute to 30% of Instagram Time

Instagram Reels have secured their dominance, constituting 30% of the total time users spend on the platform. This insight underscores the platform’s evolution and the need for brands to strategically integrate Reels into their content strategies for optimal engagement.

5. 12% users engage in Khaby’s Content: Over 289 Million Views for Learn From Khaby

The most popular Instagram Reel titled “Learn From Khaby” has amassed over 289 million views, showcasing the immense potential for content virality within the Reels landscape. It is amazing how Khaby’s one Reel can attract 12% of Instagrammers. 

6. Around 25% Brands Publish 17 Reels Monthly on Instagram

A significant percentage of active brands, 25%, publish Instagram Reels approximately 17 times a month, indicating the importance of consistent and engaging narrative storytelling on the platform.

7. 53.9% Males, 46.1% Females engage in Instagram Reels

Meta’s report reveals that 53.9% of the Instagram Reel Advertisement Audience is male, while 46.1% is female. Brands should consider conducting independent surveys to capture the full spectrum of audience demographics.

8. India has the largest User Base for Instagram Reels

With 327 million Instagram users, India stands out as the largest market for Instagram Reels, surpassing the United States (169 million) and Brazil (133 million). India’s robust engagement is attributed to its vast population and the absence of TikTok since the 2020 ban.

9. Instagram Reels Duration is extended Up to 90 Seconds    

Responding to the demand for longer-form content, Instagram has extended Reels’ duration from the initial 15 seconds to a maximum of 90 seconds. Brands can now explore diverse content formats such as tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, and vlogs within this extended timeframe.

10. It is recommended to Share 4 to 7 Reels Each Week

For a good reach, it’s good to post around 4 to 7 Reels every week. If you post less, like three times a day, your average reach might drop by about -6.17%. So, sticking to the standard range maintains a good engagement rate.

11. For good engagement rate, Post Reels in the Evenings on Weekdays

In case you are posting within week days, Post them in evenings. For a good engagement rate, you need to post Reels between 8 to 10 p.m. on weekdays and 4 to 10 p.m. on Sundays. People engage in Reels during these times, making it more likely your content will get noticed.

12. Ideally, Reels should be posted on Saturday.

Between 6pm and midnight, Saturday emerges as an optimal window for posting your Instagram Reels. During this period, there’s a heightened viewership, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase your content. Choosing Saturday for your Reel posts ensures increased engagement and greater discoverability among your audience.


In conclusion, Instagram Reels have emerged as a vital and influential element on the platform in 2023. With 91% of users actively engaging with weekly video content, Reels have become a preferred format for quick, engaging storytelling. As they contribute 30% of total user time on Instagram, they have become a cornerstone for user engagement, demanding attention from both users and businesses. Therefore, in 2024, Instagram Reels stand as a key tool for brands to captivate audiences, enhance visibility, and participate in the dynamic landscape of short-form video content.