10 Tips to Shot the Best Instagram Reel for Maximum Views

10 Tips to Shot the Best Instagram Reel for Maximum Views

Instagram Reels are 15-second multi-clip videos on Instagram, designed for creative expression – MrInsta Biz. Launched to compete with TikTok, Reels has gained popularity, with over 40% of Instagram users engaging with it as of August 2020. 

To use Reels, open the Instagram camera, select Reels, create, and share. It provides a platform for a broader audience reach, appearing on the Explore page. To maximise views on Instagram Reels, focus on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Here are 10 tips to shot the Best Instagram Reels for Maximum Views:  

1. High-Quality Visuals

Crisp, clear visuals are more likely to be shared and featured. Use a smartphone with a great camera or a professional camera, and ensure good lighting to make your Reel visually appealing – MrInsta Biz.  

2. Authenticity Over Editing

Audiences gravitate towards real content. While editing can enhance your Reels, keep it to a minimum to maintain authenticity. Authentic Reels can encourage viewers to watch and share because they can relate more closely to the content.

3. Text and Captions

Texts and captions can act as hooks. Use them to provide context, ask questions, or add humour. Ensure the text is readable and on-screen long enough for viewers to understand – MrInsta Biz.  

4. Relevant Sound Selection

Music or sounds that resonate with your content can create an emotional connection. Use Instagram’s music library to find trending audio that complements your Reel’s theme.

5. Effective Hashtags

Hashtags increase your Reel’s reach. Research and use relevant hashtags to join conversations and appear in search results. Don’t spam; select hashtags carefully to match your content.

6. Creative Content

Uniqueness sparks interest. Develop original ideas or put a twist on popular trends. Creative content stands out and can be picked up by the algorithm, showing up on the Explore page.

7. Tease with Stories

Sharing snippets in Stories piques interest. Give a preview of your Reel in your Stories to entice your followers to watch the full content. Use the ‘swipe up’ feature if available, or direct viewers to your profile.

8. Matching Captions

Captions that tell a story or add information encourage engagement. Write captions that match the mood of your Reel and invite viewers to comment or share – MrInsta Biz.  

9. Trendy Music

Aligning with trends can get you on the bandwagon of virality. Keep an eye on Instagram’s music trends and create content that syncs well with them to capture the trend’s audience.

10. Strategic Pinning

Pinning makes important Reels immediately visible. Choose Reels that have already gained some traction or ones that best represent your brand and pin them to the top of your profile to garner more views from profile visitors.


Using these tips thoughtfully can help maximise your Reel’s potential to go viral, engage with a broader audience, and increase your overall visibility on Instagram.