What is the Instagram Profile Picture Size & Dimensions?

What is the Instagram Profile Picture Size & Dimensions?

When it comes to making a strong impression on Instagram, your profile picture is a key element. It’s the first thing people notice, so getting its size and dimensions right is crucial. Here’s a quick guide to ensure your Instagram profile picture looks perfect.

You need to Upload your profile picture with the dimensions of 320 x 320 pixels. Though Instagram displays the profile picture in a smaller size (110 x 110 pixels), using the larger size ensures your image is clear and high quality.

Now let’s dive into the five Important considerations: 

1. Shape of the Picture

Instagram profile pictures are displayed as a circle, but you need to upload a square image. This means you should center the most important elements of your photo to avoid them being cropped out.

Shape of the Picture
  • Square Image
Shape of the Picture
  • Displayed as a Circle

2. Quality of the Image

Uploading an image smaller than 320 x 320 pixels can lead to pixelation, as Instagram will enlarge it to fit. Conversely, uploading a larger image is fine; Instagram will scale it down while maintaining clarity.

Quality of the Image
  • Picture with Higher Quality
Quality of the Image

3. Focus on the Center

Since the profile picture is displayed as a circle, ensure that the focal point of your image is in the center. This guarantees that no critical elements are lost in the circular crop.

Focus on the Center

4. Importance of Good Lightening

Natural Lightening is often the most flattering. Ensure Your face is well-lit and avoid harsh shadows. 

Importance of Good Lightening

5. Usage of Appropriate Background

A Simple,uncluttered background can help you stand out. Avoid distracting backgrounds that take attention away from you.

Usage of Appropriate Background


Your Instagram profile picture is a small but significant part of your online identity. By following these size and dimension guidelines, you can ensure that your profile picture looks sharp, clear, and professional, perfectly representing you or your brand on this popular social platform.