10 Ways to Increase Active Instagram Followers in 2024

10 Ways to Increase Active Instagram Followers

Active followers on Instagram are users who regularly engage with your content. They are actively interested in your posts, which helps boost your profile’s visibility. Research statistics reveal that active followers typically interact with your posts at a rate of 3–6%, significantly higher than passive followers.

There are over 2.4 billion active Instagram users. Demographic data shows that the user base is diverse, with 50.9% female and 49.1% male users. The largest age group is between 18 and 34, and the United States has the most users, followed by India and Brazil.

To increase active followers on Instagram, you need to follow these 10 strategies:

1. Crafting high-quality Instagram content

Creating quality content is key to increasing active Instagram followers. Quality content results in higher engagement, with top-performing posts achieving an impressive 2.1% engagement rate on average. Athletes and celebrities are prime examples of this strategy.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo: The soccer player, Ronaldo, has millions of Instagram followers. For instance, his post at the launch of his first esports venture received 10,804,138 likes and 112,163 comments.
  2. Lionel Messi: Messi also has a massive Instagram following. For example, a photo of Messi hugging a trophy while asleep garnered 54,736,379 likes and 705,098 comments.
  3. Zendaya: The actress Zendaya captivates a large fan base on Instagram. An example is her post featuring a video from her Met Gala appearance, which received 6,137,345 likes and 42,518 comments﹘ Mrinsta Biz.

2. Consistently Schedule Instagram Posts

Consistent posting on Instagram leads to a 23% increase in follower growth over time. By scheduling your posts consistently, you can ensure that your content is posted at the finest time. Research also states that 73% of Instagram users schedule posts on Instagram (2018). 

3. Leveraging the Power of Instagram Hashtags

Leveraging the power of hashtags can enhance your follower list. When someone searches for a hashtag, all the posts with that hashtag appear. So, if you want more people to see your posts on Instagram, using hashtags is important within the caption of each post, as it increases the reach of your content. Using relevant hashtags can increase engagement by up to 12.6%, according to research.

4. Utilizing Instagram Stories and Reels

By utilizing Instagram Stories and Reels, you can enhance the number of active followers on your profile. There are 5 techniques for posting visually appealing stories and reels:

  1. Enhancing Visual Allure: Utilize high-quality visuals and editing tools for an eye-catching presentation.
  2. Crafting Compelling Narratives: Use Instagram Stories to tell a captivating narrative. For Reels, you can create short, attention-grabbing videos that convey a message or showcase your brand.
  3. Utilizing Trending Music and Sound: Choose music that fits the mood and theme of your content, as it can significantly enhance the viewer’s experience.
  4. Consistent Presence and Schedule: Establish a posting schedule. Maintain a regular posting schedule to stay in your audience’s newsfeed.
  5. Spark Engagement: Use interactive features for stories and employ captivating elements in reels to attract followers.

By incorporating these 5 steps into your Instagram, you can increase the engagement rate. According to research, posting visually appealing stories and reels can boost engagement by 15%.

5. Engaging and Networking with Others on Instagram

Engaging and networking with others on Instagram is a beneficial way to increase your followers.

There are 7 solid ways to engage and network effectively on Instagram:

  1. Like and comment: Interacting with posts that are similar to your interests increases engagement. You have to like and comment on the content of others to reciprocate engagement and increase your visibility.
  2. Direct Messages (DMs): Using DMs is quite helpful in creating meaningful connections. You need to use DMs to start conversations with others.
  3. Tag and Mention: By tagging or mentioning accounts relevant to your content, you can encourage your followers to engage with your content or reciprocate by mentioning you.
  4. Collaboration: By collaborating with others, you can expose your content to each other’s followers.
  5. User-Generated Content (UGC): Encourage your followers to create content related to your brand and share it with you. By reposting it, you can appreciate their gesture.
  6. Engage with Trending Hashtags: Use popular hashtags within your niche to increase your content’s discoverability.
  7. Organize Contests and Giveaways: Organizing contests and giveaways engages users with your content, such as liking, sharing, or tagging friends.

Research concludes that engaging with accounts through likes and comments can increase interaction and follower growth by 10-15%.

6. Embracing Instagram Live for Real-Time Engagement

By embracing the Instagram Live feature, you can connect with more people in real-time, which increases your engagement rate. Going live on Instagram has three key benefits for increasing active followers:

  1. Enhanced engagement and interaction with followers.
  2. Real-time connection and bonding with followers.
  3. Increased visibility to potential new followers due to Instagram’s algorithm﹘ Mrinsta Biz.

Live sessions increase viewer engagement by 50%, and the more extended the live stream, the higher the engagement rate.

The Instagram Help Center itself states that users engage more with live video, and it can help you connect authentically with your audience.

7. Boosting Visibility with Tagging Strategies on Instagram

Boosting visibility with tagging strategies can attract more active followers to your profile. Tagging proves to be beneficial for acquiring active followers for three distinct reasons:

  1. Content’s Visibility: Tagging relevant profiles makes your content appear on their page, exposing it to their followers.
  2. Fosters collaboration: It encourages partnerships and shoutouts, broadening your reach and attracting engaged followers.
  3. Enhances engagement: Tags notify and engage the tagged profiles, creating a sense of community and drawing their followers to your content.

Tagging public profiles can increase interactions by 40%, ultimately leading to more active followers.

8. Maximizing insights with Instagram Analytics

Maximizing insights with Instagram analytics is a valuable way to increase active followers. Here are 4 steps that emphasize the importance of maximizing insights:

  1. Audience Understanding: Instagram Insights helps you understand your audience, customize content, boost engagement, and gain more active followers.
  2. Content Performance: Leveraging insights to identify your top-performing content is key to attracting active followers. By consistently creating content that resonates, you can expand your follower base.
  3. Optimal Posting Times: Insights show when your audience is most active on the platform. By posting during these peak times, you can maximize visibility and engagement, ultimately leading to more active followers.
  4. Uncover Hashtags: Instagram Insights can uncover which hashtags drive the most impressions and engagement. By using these effective hashtags, you can increase your content’s reach and attract active followers.

Research indicates that using Instagram insights for optimization can result in a 20% increase in engagement and follower growth.

9. Paid Partnerships with Instagram Peers (Collaboration)

Paid partnerships with Instagram followers can lead to active followers; data shows a 25% increase in followers through partnerships﹘ Mrinsta Biz.

Research specified that 51% of marketers believe that they can gain better customers through paid partnerships (Tomoson, 2016).

10. Purchasing active Instagram followers

Strategically buying active followers can provide a quick boost to the account. However, it’s important to ensure that these followers are real users interested in your content.

According to Later’s research, 49% of Instagram influencers bought followers in 2021. IMAI’s study on 130 million profiles found that 1 in 4 influencers purchased 15% of their total followers, while 3 in 4 influencers bought over 10,000 followers. 

10.1 Are all Paid Instagram followers inactive?

No, not all paid followers are inactive. When carefully selected, paid followers can be active and engaged with your content﹘ Mrinsta Biz.

10.2: Is it possible to buy active Instagram followers?

Yes, it’s possible to buy active followers, but it’s crucial to choose reputable services like Social Shop to ensure genuine engagement.


In conclusion, increasing active followers on Instagram involves a combination of content quality, consistency, engagement, and strategic approaches. By following these tips, you can grow your Instagram presence and engage with a more active and interested audience.