12 Instagram Usage Stats you need to know in 2024

12 Instagram Usage Stats you need to know

Instagram, a widely-used social media platform, has become a cornerstone of online interaction and expression. This virtual space, known for sharing photos and connecting with friends, has evolved into a dynamic hub influencing various aspects of our lives.

With over 2.4 billion monthly users globally, Instagram’s impact goes beyond photo-sharing to shaping consumer behaviour, influencing purchasing decisions, and providing a platform for businesses to thrive. 

Now let’s explore the key usage statistics that you need to know in 2024.

1. India Dominates Instagram with 326.6 Million Users

About 13.59% Indians actively use Instagram. India dominates Instagram with 326.6 million active users, claiming over 38% of India’s social media market share as of May 2023. 

In January 2023, there were 243,672,000 Instagram users in India, representing 16.9% of the population, with a significant majority being men (73%).

2. 81% of Instagram Users Actively Research Products and Services

Surprisingly, 1.94 Billion people consider Instagram authentic for reviewing and analysing Products/Services. An impressive 81% of Instagram users worldwide actively use the platform for researching new products and services. 

Social media, including Instagram, is essential for consumer research, as 82.5% of users rely on these platforms to gather information about brands and products.

3. 100 Million Photos and Videos Shared on Instagram Daily

Instagram experiences a daily influx of 100 million photos and videos, highlighting the platform’s dynamic and active user community.

According to DataReportal, 69.7% of users utilise Instagram for sharing visual content, contributing to the continuous flow of multimedia.

4. Instagram has a Balanced Global User Base: 49.4% Female, 50.6% Male

Instagram’s global user base maintains a balanced gender distribution, with 49.4% female users and 50.6% male users.

As of January 2023, global active Instagram users include 17% men aged 18 to 24, while in the U.S 56.9% are women and 43.1% are men.

5. 44% of Instagram Users Engage in Weekly Shopping on the App

A significant 1.05 Billion Instagrammers that are 44% engage in weekly shopping on the platform, solidifying its role as a prominent e-commerce hub.

Instagram users display a multifaceted interaction with the platform, with 70% opening the app specifically for shopping and 81% researching products.

6. Strategic Hashtag Usage Averages 10.7 per Instagram Post

Instagram posts strategically leverage hashtags, averaging 10.7 per post, indicating their crucial role in content discoverability.

Profiles with fewer than 5,000 followers benefit significantly, gaining 36% more reach on each post by incorporating hashtags.

7. Instagram’s most used Filter Clarendon Leads at 25%

Out of 2.4 Billion users, 600 Million Users love Clarendon’s Filter on Instagram.It emerges as the most used filter, commanding 25% popularity, followed by the filter Juno. 192 Million users that are 8% of Instagram’s population; prefer the filter of Juno.

Other than this, other popular filters are Juno, Gingham, and Lark, while Willow and Perpetua trail behind.

8. Android Users Spend 12 Hours Monthly on Instagram

Instagram users on Android dedicate an impressive 12 hours monthly to the platform, reflecting its immersive and engaging nature.

9. Instagram Stories Boost Brand Interest by 62%

After encountering a brand on Instagram Stories, 62% of users express heightened interest, underscoring the impact of this feature in brand promotion.  

10. The most used Giphy in Instagram stories is Heart Love Sticker

The “heart love sticker” emerges as the most popular Giphy in Instagram Stories, emphasising the visual expression’s impact on user engagement.

11. There are 375 Million Monthly Instagram DM Users

With 375 million monthly Instagram DM users, trusted accounts can send 50 to 100 DMs daily, while newer accounts manage 20 to 50 within 24 hours. Amazingly, 375 Million is 15% of Instagram’s Population. 

Remarkably, conversations in Instagram DMs boast a 70% conversion rate, reflecting the platform’s effectiveness, as 89% of consumers prefer messaging brands.

12. The most followed content on Instagram is Humor

The most sought-after content on Instagram is humour, with 50% of weekly users expressing a desire for funny content in a 2022 global survey. Additionally, 46% seek creative content, 41% prefer informative content, and over a third are interested in engaging content on the platform.


In 2024, Instagram commands 326.6 million users in India, capturing over 38% of the social media market. Globally, 81% of users leverage the platform for product research, while 95 million photos and videos are shared daily. The user base is evenly split between genders (49.4% female, 50.6% male). Notably, 44% shop weekly on Instagram, and posts average 10.7 hashtags for increased visibility. Users spend 12 hours monthly on the Android app. Instagram Stories boost brand interest by 62%. However, 15% of influencers’ followers are fake, underlining the need for authentic connections. The “heart love sticker” dominates Giphy in Stories. This succinct overview captures Instagram’s dynamic role in consumer engagement, e-commerce, and creative expression.