13 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Business in 2024

13 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Business

Instagram Business is a feature of Instagram that allows you to create a professional account for your brand, business, or organization. According to statistics, there are more than 200 billion business profiles on Instagram.

With an Instagram Business account, you can access various tools and insights to help you reach your potential customers, grow your audience, and engage with your existing customers.

Experts indicates that you can grow your Instagram business through 12 different tips which are given below: 

1. Optimise your Instagram Business Profile

To optimise your Instagram Business Profile, you need to improve 5 different aspects: 

  1. Choose the right username: Use a username that includes your business name.
  2. Choose a professional image: Your image must be a logo or image that represents your business.
  3. Write a relevant Bio: The bio of Instagram business is of 150 words, make it relevant and clear.
  4. Use a Professional Link & Email: Add the link to your website in your bio, and if possible, add your email so the collaborators can connect with you.
  5. Post Professional Content: Consistently Post Pictures to promote your business, use Hashtags and Solid Descriptions. 

In this way, your account will be ready to grow.  You just need to follow these four steps to optimise your business account to attract recruiters, customers and collaborators. Based on these steps, many Brands have successful businesses on Instagram. Research found that 96% of brands use Instagram for business.

2. Use High-Quality Pictures for Posts on Instagram

To use high-quality pictures, you have to follow 4 steps: 

  1. Post Photos with 1080x1350px: Post High quality Photos but Instead of posting all your photos to get attention, choose the best ones to post.
  2. Apply the correct filter:  After selecting a photo, apply the appropriate filter. 
  3. Customization features: You can customize your images with editing tools like rotate, crop, and adjust image orientation.
  4. Use keywords: To attract your target audience, use relevant keywords.

Research states that 60% of the top US Brands use filters on Photos in Instagram. 71% of US businesses use Instagram, as Hubspot reports. 

3. Utilise Instagram’s Promotional features

Utilising promotional features helps in increasing your Brand’s visibility. You can utilise these features in 5 steps: 

  1. Select a post:  You should choose the post that best represents your business/service and click the blue “Boost Post” button below that post.
  2. Choose your goal: Three options will appear:  More Profile views, more website views, and more messages. It is recommended to choose the First one for brand awareness.
  3. Choose your target audience: If you want to target people based on your own criteria, select “Create your own.” Create an audience that reflects your target customers using criteria like:  Location, Age, Gender, Interests.
  4. Set your budget: Adjust your daily budget and campaign duration.
  5. Review your ad: Review your boosted post. 

Remember, the goal with boosting any Instagram post is to improve the number of people who see your content.

The above cited steps enable you to spread awareness of your business. According to the report of Flick, the Click through rate for promotional posts on Instagram is 4.83%. 

4. Leverage Instagram Stories 

To Leverage Instagram Stories, you need to actively share relevant stories to keep the audience engaged. There are 5 different ways to promote these stories:

  1. Promote timely news like discounts and giveaways: Use Instagram Stories to share timely content; this means that the content is only valid within a certain time period.
  2. Conduct surveys for your customers: Polls are discussion points that allow people to participate. 
  3. Use stickers, location and Gifs: You can add stickers, your current location and Gifs.
  4. Go live: Live streaming is probably the best way to communicate with your audience on Instagram. 
  5. Save stories with relevant content to your profile: Stories are meant to be temporary. However, you may want to keep your story longer than 24 hours.

American brands invest 31% of their advertising budget on Instagram Stories. Research indicates that 61% of users supported small businesses in their stories.

5. Using Instagram Video Ads

Using video ads can attract customers and increase engagement. Video ads are short videos that promote a company’s products or services, according to Microsoft Bing. 

Using video ads to showcase your unique product/service is a 3-step process:

  1. Showcase your product/service in video.
  2. Use hashtags and headlines that are relevant to your target audience.
  3. Promote your video with Instagram ads.

According to Instagram Business, Instagram’s own data shows that 75% of users take action after watching a brand’s video. Research believes that 60% of businesses use video advertising as part of their marketing strategy and Hubspot believes that 74% of marketers say video provides better return on investment than static images. 

6. Optimise Instagram Grid Images

Optimising Grid Images helps in the enhancement of business profile. It involves 5 different ways: 

  1. Create a grid layout using colour:  The best way to create an Instagram grid using colour is to stick to specific colours, pay attention to the colours in your logo and website, and take advantage of them.
  2. Use columns for consistent style: Create three posts for one row with the same design, then change the next row to a different design. These types of Instagram layouts are best for people who want mixed content.
  3. Use columns for consistent style: You can keep the first and third columns for photos and the middle column for text messages and quotes.
  4. Use borders to help your Instagram grid layout stand out:  A white border on each image creates a classic grid layout. However, you can use any border colour, as long as it remains consistent throughout your grid layout.
  5. Take each post like a puzzle: The Instagram puzzle grid layout makes it look like your entire grid is together because the photos are connected.

Experts recommend that having a Consistent Profile that follows a theme makes a business standout, leaving a lasting impression on the viewers. 

For Instance, the successful skincare Brand Pixi by Petra has 2.1M followers & 5,424 Posts following a Pastel colored grid that goes with its Logo color Pastel Green ﹘ Mrinsta Biz. All the Posts are in Grid layout using Pastel colours even the cover of its highlights is also similar – according to Instagram Search. 

7. Using the Power of Instagram-Influencers

To Use the Power of Influencers means to use the influence that Influencers have on their followers.  In Instagram business, the Influencers can really influence the audience’s purchasing decisions ﹘ Mrinsta Biz.

Brands look forward to collaborating with influencers and see them as potential advocates for their brands. 

There are 3 ways to use the power of influencers: 

  1. Find the right influencers for your brand: Work with influencers with similar interests, styles, and audiences Similar to your brand.
  2. Form partnerships with influencers: Offer them free products, discounts, commissions or other incentives in exchange for promoting your brand on posts above Their Instagram, Stories, Reels or IGTV videos.
  3. Sponsored post tagging:  You and your influencers must comply with Instagram’s branded content policy and use the “Paid partnership with” tag or “#ad” hashtag to disclose sponsorship.

Research shows that collaboration can increase the figure from 25% to 50% and sometimes even more. Studies also specified that, 51% of marketers believe that they can gain better customers through influencer marketing. 

8. Showcase Collections with Highlights 

Showcasing your collections with highlights helps you in organizing and highlighting your products and services, which makes it easier for your followers to explore your brand. To use this feature, you need to follow 5 steps: 

  1. Open your Instagram profile and tap the New button below your bio.
  2. Select all the stories you want to feature.
  3. Use strategies to separate them into goal-oriented categories.
  4. Click Next and give the highlight a descriptive name.
  5. Tap Done to see featured content on your profile.

Many businesses use these steps to showcase their content to grow their business. A well-known Brand Etsy has 3.1M followers, & 6,253 Posts, it has used 13 highlights to showcase its content-according to Instagram.

9. Offer Behind-the-Scenes Instagram Content

Off behind the Scenes Content is the authentic content that is recorded off-air. For Instagram business, this content needs to be original, not planned. Companies show behind-the-scenes content on social media for a variety of reasons, such as: 

  1. Build faith: By offering behind-the scenes content, you can display the real-people of your business and the hard work behind their products or services.
  2. Engage and entertain your audience: You give them a glimpse into what they don’t see normally. Audience loves to see behind the camera moments; such as challenges, funny moments, or the creative processes.
  3. To educate and inform: Like a description, you present how your products or services are created, the values they represent, or their impact.

By sharing behind-the-scenes content, businesses can create stronger connections with their audiences and increase visibility and loyalty to their brand. This type of content is used by Many successful entrepreneurs.

9. Schedule Professional Content on Instagram

Scheduling your Instagram posts in advance is one of the most effective ways to save time, post consistently, write solid captions,  and keep your content calendar organized ﹘ Mrinsta Biz.

It helps maintain a consistent presence, increasing your ability to attract followers by providing quality content consistently.

There are 3 different ways you can schedule your Instagram content, depending on the type of account you have and the tools you use.

  1. In a business account, you can schedule up to 25 posts per day and up to 75 days in advance from the Instagram app.
  2. Tap Post or Reel, select a photo or video, add a caption, effects and filters, tap Advanced settings, tap Schedule, select a date and time, tap Done, and tap the back button.
  3. You can also use the Meta Business Suite to schedule your Instagram content if you connect your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook. 

By scheduling your posts, you can ensure that your content is posted at the finest time. Research also states that 73% of Instagram users schedule posts on Instagram.

10. Build Customer Trust and Loyalty on Instagram

Building customer loyalty and trust can help you grow your Instagram business.  Customer loyalty is the extent to which customers are satisfied with your product or service and are willing to make repeat purchases and recommend you to others.

Loyal customers can attract and engage more subscribers in 4 different ways: 

  1. Customer growth: Loyal customers make purchases again, which can reduce your acquisition costs and increase your lifetime value.
  2. Increase awareness of your brand: Loyal customers are more likely to share their positive experiences with your brand. This can increase your brand awareness and attract new customers.
  3. Improve Feedback: Loyal customers give you honest and constructive feedback about your products/ services, which can help you improve your service and better meet their needs.
  4. Improve customer engagement: Loyal customers engage with your content, participate in campaigns and join your community, which can strengthen your relationship and increase their loyalty.

Experts suggest that, ‘Authentic interactions can build customer loyalty and trust.’ Many brands have expanded their customer base based on trust. For example, the brand Huda Beauty is a major makeup brand with 53 Million followers and 2,622 posts, tagged by more than 71% of customers including influencers and celebrities, according to statistics of Instagram.

According to a survey, 76% of respondents said they would be more likely to buy from a brand that provides content they can trust. Moreover, 53% of consumers expect brands to respond to their comments within an hour. 

11. Take Advantage of Instagram Hashtags

Taking advantage of hashtags means to utilise the benefits of hashtags. You need to find hashtags to reach more people and grow your Instagram business account.

There are 4 ways to Use Hashtags the growth of account:

  1. Use specific and relevant hashtags that describe your content and brand, avoid generic or irrelevant ones.
  2. Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags to balance reach and engagement. 
  3. Use local hashtags to build community and raise awareness, including the name of your city, state, country, region, landmarks, events, or businesses. 
  4. Use branded hashtags to create a unique identity for your business and encourage user-generated content. Branded hashtags can include your business name, slogan, product name, campaign name, or anything else that represents your brand.

Experts recommend the usage of hashtags in captions to attract followers. According to a study, Posts that contain more than 11 hashtags have the highest interactions with a 79.5% increase for accounts with less than 1,000 followers. Studies indicate that Relevant hashtags play a major part in your strategy to increase your reach and engagement by 12.6%.

12. Aim for the Blue Verified Badge on Instagram

The verification process on Instagram, as described by Hailey Griffins, ensures that an account is genuine and represents a notable brand, public figure, or celebrity. Follow a six-step procedure to acquire a blue verified badge on Instagram for your business.

  • 1. In order to request a badge, log into the relevant account.
  • 2. Navigate to the Settings section and click on “Account”.
  • 3. Once you have reached that point, choose the option “Request Verification”.
  • 4. Provide your username, full name, and attach a government-issued form of identification.
  • 5. Please verify your notability by specifying your category and country.
  • 6. Submit your Request.

Verified accounts demonstrate trustworthiness, which is why every business wants to get that blue badge. Statistica found that among Instagram accounts with more than 1 million followers, 73.4% were verified accounts. The study also showed that 3.26% of Instagram accounts have more than 1,000 verified followers.

13. Increase your Instagram followers count

Increasing followers is important for businesses as it helps in growing the brand by increasing its visibility and reach. There are different ways to increase them, which includes optimizing your profile, working together with influencers, using video ads, stories and grid layouts.  

More ways include, usage of relevant hashtags, promotional features and building a community based upon trust and loyalty towards customers. 

Besides, you can opt for buying Insta followers for a rapid increase in your follower count. 


To grow your Instagram Business, you need to have Consistency and Perseverance. Make your Profile optimised and use high-quality content. All the pictures should be properly edited, and timely posted. Practise the features of Instagram Stories and Highlights. Use a colour theme for your business and stick with it. Incorporate Grid Layout to give a Professional appearance to your Profile. Schedule Instagram posts and use the promotional feature to spread awareness of your business.